Tips for Taking Photos During the Wedding Band

One of the biggest moments of your life is your wedding day and you want it to be perfect. From the first dance, your wedding band, reception, and more, it really is the most precious occasion of your life. So, it is important to get everything right that includes the photographs. Capturing all the special moments of your wedding day can be tricky at times, essentially if you are having a professional wedding photographer all your moments will be captured however if you want to take your own photographs or your family and friends are snapping away you should know the many tips for taking photos even while your wedding band are playing.

Dancing or first dance photos

You must consider your professional photographer and as to whether you want the first dance pictures or dancing in general. It is important to capture the first dance photographs as this will be a once-off moment.

Always have plenty of light 

It is recommended to have great lighting in the reception area for taking expert photographs. For sentimental photos like the first dance natural lighting is a must.

Think about the type of music and songs that you are dancing to

While the band is playing, and you want to capture a few photos of the crowd dancing always think about what music is playing is the songs slow or more upbeat. If you and the crowd are enjoying the music more and dancing like there’s no tomorrow, then it is the ideal moment to capture all the funny faces and the special moments.

Do you want the wedding band in the photos? 

Many couples would like their wedding band in some photos while rocking it on the dance floor. Your wedding photographer will be snapping some photos, but you and your guests can also take some funky photos also. You could also prepare some flowers, decorations, and a backdrop for this specific photo. It is lovely to have a reminder of your wedding band because after all the band play a major role in keeping your guests entertained for the entire night.

Best photography equipment to use

If you have the ability and skill, you can shoot a wedding with almost any camera equipment. However, having a more reliable, better quality and faster equipment will make your life as a wedding photographer that bit more efficient and easier.


Having a good camera is essential to taking the best photographs for any wedding day. It is also advisable to have a backup camera in case something happens to your first one.

Nikon and Canon cameras are the most popular and the most quality cameras to use. Canon cameras have all the top functions and characteristics with the camera lenses.

Professional Canon 5D Mark IV 

The Canon 5D is a reliable, high quality, and stable wedding photography camera which is also very popular amongst a lot of photographers. It is designed for professionals and amateurs.

Nikon D850 professional camera  

The Nikon D850 has been considered a studio camera up until recently. The functionality of the camera is superb. It is a piece of equipment that will allow you to take unforgettable photographs which is essential to spectacular wedding photos.


  • Proven and sophisticated AF system
  • 7M image sensor and 45 full frame
  • Weather sealed and sturdy design
  • Touch screen
  • Bluetooth and WI-FI
  • 9 fps with battery grip: 7 fps burst mode
  • 4K video


  • No GPS
  • No flash built-in
  • No dial mode (no U1, U2, U3, instant camera state recall modes either)
  • No more CF slot, replaced with an XQD slot

Wedding Lighting and Flashes 

Every photographer has their own style and way of taking photos, however, the ideal lighting and flash setting are the 4 units for lighting settings. Here are some of the recommended lighting kit equipment.

  • Neewer NW-670 TTL Flash Speedlite 
  • Canon Speedlite 600 EX II-RT
  • Sony HVL-F60 M External Flash 
  • Nikon SB-5000 AF Speedlight

Flashes are one of the main elements of photography equipment. The success of your photographs will depend a lot on the flash that you have.

Tripods and Monopods 

Tripods and monopods are at the top of the list for many wedding photographers. Many go with just handheld cameras however a tripod really does come in handy for those special moments.

  • Tripod

Tripods are used for those evening and larger group shots of the venue, as well as natural light conditions. Tripods are also useful for multiple cameras to canvas and to capture the entire room at different angles and very useful for long exposure shots. If you must travel it is worth investing in something decent and pay that little bit extra for superb quality.

Sunpack 6630 LX Medium-Duty Aluminum Tripod  

The sunpack is a medium duty, sturdy, and ideal to support your mirrorless or DSLR system. It has a load capacity of 6.6 pounds, a height of 24 inches, max height 66 inches, and a folded length of 30.5 inches. It also has a quick release plate for fast dismounting and mounting your camera.

Manfrotto Compact Photo Monopod for DLSR 

The Manfrotto monopod is lightweight, quick, and ideal for getting a more birds eye view of your subjects. The max height is 57.3 inches, load capacity of 3.3 pounds, and a minimum height 15.4 inches. Features a wrist strap and soft grip for extreme comfort. Quick mount and dismount.

Other photography equipment 

  • Camera bags
  • Holsters and Straps
  • Memory Cards
  • LEDs and Monolights
  • Softboxes
  • Drone
  • Wireless radio triggers
  • Spare Batteries
  • Reflector

Like all equipment and accessories, you will need something to carry all this in. An important investment piece is a camera bag. It is always important to maintain a level of presentability and professionalism. A camera bag will hold all your equipment and accessories such as your camera, memory cards, spare batteries, Lens, and much more.

If you are a skilled professional photographer, it is essential that you have all the correct and the highest quality equipment on the market.